Calm soul Lavasa

Hii all…. It has been a long time I was not there in my site . Actually it was my shifting time from Bangalore to Pune, getting settled & all. But as usual like a restless mind never can sit in a place, even  there were thousand issues & obligations… so we already headed towards few nearby places of Pune.

And it was Lavasa , a small, serene & calm city in the lap of nature. It is almost 60 km from Pune and a very perfect destination for long drive or bike riding. Enroute there are views of water dam, green vallies You just can not overlook.

The best season to visit the place is definitely monsoon. Though we visited on a sunny day of October, the trip was quite pleasant & relaxing. We hit Lavasa around 12 afternoon. So first we found a comfortable place for our lunch & chosen some local delicacies to taste. Bajra ki Roti with spicy dry mutton & Country chicken biriyani followed by one glass of frothy lassi… Uff … Fully satisfied. I will recommend this restaurant named Lake view, very reasonable food price with a simple get up. It’s easy to find as there are very few food places in Lavasa.

The Dasve dam on the river Baji pasalkar give a picturesque lookto the place. The first hill city of India Lavasa is being developed on the bank of this river. One can go for watersports & boating here.




Binding up Chikmagalur…

After Seetalayanagiri, we aimed towards buttermilk waterfall after peeping through kavikalgundi view point.

Kavikalgundi opened a window of  beautiful carves of Nilgiris, which was so eye soothing, so unbelievable. Rain didn’t allow us to stay at the place for much time but the sweet & short memory, it planted in our heart is a lifetime asset.

With the picturesque view of kavikalgundi in our mind, we headed towards buttermilk waterfall. We left our car at the roadside and from there we had to take a jeep to enter in the jungle. We traveled almost fifteen minutes through muddy forest route & it reminded us the journey towards hebbe fall.

And now, when we are standing in front of the fall, we realized, why it is called buttermilk waterfall. The tiny threadlike water streams really give the colour of buttermilk. Let’s see…

We had to catch our bus to Bangalore on the same day, but still had some time to relax at the bank of Hirekolale lake, what’s mersmerising view amazed us from the top towards Mulayanagiri. The serenity of the place will surely make somebody’s soul calm, pure, & fresh..


Awesome Afgani…


It was the ‘Biriyanis & more’ in Jayanagar Bangalore, who serves an extraordinary blend of Biriyani with omlette wrap. The dish is having a dam delicious look & a mouth watering flavour…

The chicken pieces in the biriyani were different from other biriyanis. Small, tender, boneless pieces of chicken were perfectly cooked & had a mix of gravy. They serve the dish with ‘onion raita’ ( a mix of curd & onion) as a complementary…

We ordered mutton roghan Josh as side dish, but the uniqueness of Afghani biriyani was absolutely dominating…


Chikmagalur continued …

with Mullayanagiri & Seethalayanagiri…

After visiting a part of Kemmangundi, we (me & my husband) planned our next day to visit Mullayanagiri , Seethalayanagiri and more. It was morning 8 am we got into the car from our hotel in Chikmagalur.

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak of Nilgiri in Karnataka (6,330 ft), 21 km from Chikmagalur. As we were going up , we got amazed with picturesque view of chikmagalur city & hirekolale lake from the height. Our car dropped us at a certain distance from the top, from where we had to climb 430 stairs to reach the top. The weather was extremely foggy and the gusty winds almost made us to loose our balance on stairs. We were excited and challenged as well to reach the top.

“The peak get its name from a small temple at the summit, which is dedicated to a sage Mulappa swamy who, is believed to have meditated at the caves only a couple feet below the summit.” Ref – Wikipedia

The temple is surrounded & strongly guarded with stone wall. The burning lamp inside the temple was so calm & bright as if the outside storm doesn’t seem anything to it. The climate and husky view at the top was really giving a feeling of standing at highest peak of one state. While coming down we had boiled corn & it’s cups were also about  to fly in air.


We had our breakfast with hot tea & crispy chilly bhaji after got down from the stairs and it was absolutely apt with the situation. With the thrilling experience in our heart we for our next destination Seethalayanagiri.

It took 25 to 30 minutes to reach Seethalayanagiri from Mullayanagiri. Seethalayanagiri is a hindu pilgrimage area. Apart from that, the surrounding beauty of the place is just picture perfect.

Standing at 5000 feet, amidst the whispering of the the cloud & earth, it seemed as a gifted moment of life to be the best person in my life.


Thrilling Hebbe fall…


Being in Bangalore, India, for one year was a real privilege for me for exploring Nilgiri & among few many travel experiences the unique one was exploring some of Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur is a small city in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka & this place has real potential to make the world stunned with it’s mesmerizing beauty of greenly range of hills, waterfalls & forests.  We went to see hebbe waterfall first & that made us speechless. It is in kemanagundi which is 65 km from Chikmagalur city & 45 km from Kadur. Best is one can hire a car & reach the place .                                                                 Hebbe falls is in Bhadra tiger reserve forest. Our car left us till the forest checkpost & from there we got into forest jeep, accompanied by five more tourists & the driver. It was mid June & pouring continuously. So the weather was wet, foggy and within the forests it was total mysterious. Road was bad, muddy and invisible. The jeep took more than half an hour to reach a place from where we walked through the muddy trails of jungle, crossing  small watercourses & listening unknown bird’s chattering. So it is always better to wear sandaks or chappal kind of footwear what we can remove easily. Initially we were holding umbrella but found it absolutely useless when we reached to the fall. Amidst the deep dark forest, the large, loud water flow falling from a high stony wall,  made us full wet, astonished , amazed, afraid & what else we did not know. Stood silent for sometimes , seeing around couldn’t believe our eyes. Our co partners started taking bath. Its depends on the individual taste whether you want to have fun in the group or want to listen the inner voice of the nature silently.  Being in Hebbe fall for half an hour was never seem to be enough but as the forest jeep was having some obligations we had to leave within the time. Through same trails we came back where our jeep was standing. The jeep driver was through out with us to guide the directions. We reached to the check post carrying the thrilling memory of hebbe fall.






As we reached to the check post, we headed on the way to z point. Our car took us till rajbhavan (a resort) & the weather became extremely foggy, moreover it was afternoon time so we spent some time in rajbhavan , relaxed in the garden & came back to Chikmagalur. Here some relaxing moments at rajbvavan…

On the way back to chikmagalur we visited Kalahatti waterfall. It is a small waterfall, crosses by a hindu temple. But as a religious place, we found the place little dirty.